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v2018-06-14: Price Schemes

This version introduces the concept of Price Schemes -- a powerful mechanism to configure pricing dynamically.

Prior to this change, an experience could only be configured with a single base price. With Price Schemes you can configure a single experience to have a different price based on what options were chosen. This means that the same experience can now be both public and private, priced per person or per group, and support tiered pricing. Whereas before, you might had to create different experiences to vary your options.

Some of these options include:

  • Price Type: Whether the order is for priced per person or per outing.
  • Privacy: Whether the order is public or private.
  • Quantity: How many guests are in the order.
  • Schedules: Whether the event date/time fall within a chosen schedule.

Learn more about how price schemes work

Model Changes

With this version, the following properties have been deprecated from the experience model:

  • price: Base price of the experience
  • priceType: Whether the price is per person or per outing
  • private: Whether the experience is public or private

With price schemes, all these options are abstracted into price scheme constraints. As a result, the above properties will no longer appear in the experience payload.

Additionally, the order will now contain a snapshot of the selected price scheme along with its price.

Fallback Behavior

If you are on an older version, you will still continue to see the deprecated properties.

However, if an experience does contain multiple price scheme, only the first price scheme will be backward ported since the old schema does not allow for a single experience to contain multiple price configurations.