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v2018-06-26: Guide Assignment Acknowledgement

This version introduces the ability for guides assigned to an event to confirm or decline their assignment. This helps the business owner run their tours more effectively and take action if some guides cannot make their tours.


v2018-06-14: Price Schemes

This version introduces the concept of Price Schemes -- a powerful mechanism to configure pricing dynamically.


v2018-02-26: Guide Profiles

This version introduces the concept of a "profile" for guides. The profile includes contact and biographical information about the guide that will be included in confirmation emails for a more personal touch. It also allows guides to have schedules configured for their availability, just like your experiences. Guides can now only be assigned to an event if their configured schedule allows for it.

v2018-02-15: Query Operators

This version introduces several new query operators which makes it possible for the Xola API to now support a pseudo query language. Please read the documentation for a list of supported query operators.

v2018-01-02: Transaction Gross and Net

This release renames certain fields in the transaction object to be in line with standard accounting practices.

v2017-10-23: Paginated Coupons

This version introduces pagination to the Coupons endpoint. Pagination is a standard feature for most Xola endpoints that return a collection of records. This change brings the Coupons endpoint in line with that standard.

v2017-09-28: Packages

This version introduces a significant change to the order data structure. An order can now contain multiple items -- each item representing a different experience. This allows for a customer to purchase multiple experiences and bundle them all into a single order.

v2017-09-10: Per booking maximum

Version 2017-09-10 introduces the ability to set per booking maximum limits for your experiences. This is useful if you want individuals booking for large groups to get in touch with you. The Xola checkout app will show the following message if the guest exceeds this limit: "Please contact us at <phone> or <email> if you are interested in booking a group larger than <orderMax>".