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v2018-02-26: Guide Profiles

This version introduces the concept of a "profile" for guides. The profile includes contact and biographical information about the guide that will be included in confirmation emails for a more personal touch. It also allows guides to have schedules configured for their availability, just like your experiences. Guides can now only be assigned to an event if their configured schedule allows for it.

New Endpoints

The follow new endpoints were introduced in this version.

GET /api/users/{id}/delegates/{delegateId}Utility endpoint to fetch a single delegate.
POST /api/experiences/{id}/guide
PUT /api/experiences/{id}/guide
Guide feature preferences management endpoints.
POST /api/sellers/{id}/guides
GET /api/sellers/{id}/guides
GET /api/sellers/{id}/guides/{guideId}
PUT /api/sellers/{id}/guides/{guideId}
DELETE /api/sellers/{id}/guides/{guideId}
Guide management endpoints.
POST /api/sellers/{id}/guides/{guideId}/schedules
PUT /api/sellers/{id}/guides/{guideId}/schedules/{scheduleId}
DELETE /api/sellers/{id}/guides/{guideId}/schedules/{scheduleId}
Guide schedule management endpoints.

Modified Endpoints

In prior versions, when assigning a guide to an event, the delegated guide user was associated with the event. With the introduction of guide profiles, each guide now has a guide ID. Beginning with this version, assigning a guide to an event now requires the guide ID instead of the user ID.

The following endpoints had schema changes in this version.

POST /api/events/{id}/guides
DELETE /api/events/{id}/guides/{guideId}
Endpoints that assign and un-assign guides to events now require a guide ID instead of a user ID.
POST /api/events
GET /api/events/{id}
GET /api/events
The guides array within an event now contains a list of guide IDs instead of user IDs.