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Whenever backwards-breaking changes are introduced to our API, we release a new version. Our versioning scheme is based on date to make it easy to know when the breaking change was introduced.


Versioning was introduced to the Xola API on June 10, 2017 -- so our second API version is 2017-06-10. The first version is any date prior to that.

All authenticated requests will use your account's API version (which is the date on which your account was created), unless you override the API version at the request level.

To set the API version on a specific request, send a X-API-VERSION header with a yyyy-mm-dd version value.

curl https://xola.com/api/users/me \
     -H "X-API-KEY: <API_KEY>" \
     -H "X-API-VERSION: 2017-06-19"


Always use versioning when building an app or integration

When building an app or integration that uses the Xola API, it is highly recommended that you always pass the version header so that any backward-breaking changes in Xola does not affect your system.