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Add-Ons are additional items that are sold along with a listing. They are set on a per-listing basis and you can add as many as you like. Add-ons can be customer-facing (so available to purchase during online checkout) or private (can only be added to a purchase if it is a back office booking or modification).

  "name": "Go-Pro",
  "price": 15,
  "desc": "A Go-Pro camera to record your trip!",
  "visibility": "public",
  "object": "quantity"
namestringTitle of the add-on.
pricefloatPrice per add-on.
descstringShort description of the add-on.
visibilitystringWhether the add-on is visible to online checkout customers or if it is restricted to back office orders. Either public, or private.
objectstringSpecifies the type of addon widget to display. Valid options are choices (a dropdown with multiple options), boolean (a checkbox) and quantity (a quantity widget). If choices is selected, an additional choices parameter must be supplied.