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Payment Methods

Xola has built in support for several payment methods. Each payment method is used when creating a booking, or collecting payments on a booking.

The default payment methods are:




Credit Card - This payment will be processed through the account's payment gateway.


Any Cash payment


A payment through any type of check


A gift certificate purchased through Xola


Affiliate Deposit. This indicates the payment was given to an affiliate.


A voucher (with a voucher code)


Pay Later. This indicates payment is not collected not, and will be collected later.


Other -- A generic payment method to support any payment method not reflected above

Each key above (like cc or cash) can be used in API calls when referencing a payment method.

Custom Payment Methods

You might find the "Other" payment method is too broad and does not precisely describe what some frequently-used methods of payment might be (e.g. credit card terminal; imported bookings, etc). To solve this problem Xola provides the ability to create custom payment methods. Each custom payment method can have a name like "Credit Card Terminal" or "Square POS" and they will have their own 24 character ID, you can use this ID in lieu of the above default payment methods when collecting a payment.

For details see the API end point reference.