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[X] Media

A media item represents photos & other media that are associated with a package. These maybe used as the primary photo for the package, or as other photos that can be used to show off the package to perspective travelers.

  "id": "52e805b73e269ebd6d00003a",
  "src": "\/uploads\/images\/experiences\/52e804703e269e9e73000014\/52e805b73e269ebd6d00003a.jpg",
  "type": "photo",
  "caption": "Knights jousting",
  "seq": 0
srcurlAn absolute or relative path to the location of the original uploaded media.
typestringType of the media. Currently only supports photo.
captionstringShort descripton of the media.
seqintegerSequence in which to display the media in relation to other media.