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Attachments are non-image files like PDFs and Word documents that can be sent as a part of the order notification emails (e.g. confirmation, reminder).

  "id": "5a6ebe6f6864ea90668b4567",
  "caption": "Floor map for when you arrive",
  "title": "First floor area.pdf",
  "type": "pdf",
  "size": 216657,
  "src": "\/uploads\/documents\/experiences\/52e804703e269e9e73000014\/5a6ebe6f6864ea90668b4567.pdf"
captionstringShort description of the attachment.
titlestringTitle of the attachment.
typestringType of the attachment. Currently only supports pdf.
sizeintegerSize of the attachment in bytes.
srcurlAn absolute or relative path to the location of the attchment.