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An event represents a collection of bookings for one experience at a scheduled date & time. This object keeps track of the capacity of that particular timeslot for the experience. In Xola's seller interface, events are what are shown on the dashboard.

startdatetimeDate and time at which this event starts.

Important: This value is intended to be timezone agnostic i.e. the value in UTC is the start time for the event regardless of the seller's timezone. This is done in order to accommodate sellers that operate across different timezones. Therefore, this value must always be instantiated in UTC and then the timezone information discarded.
enddatetimeDate and time at which this event completes.

Important: This value has the same caveat as the start value
openintegerNumber of available seats.
maxintegerMaximum open seats permitted for the event. This overrides the experience group.outingMax.
experience.idstringExperience this event is associated with.
seller.idstringSeller that owns this event.
equipmentarray of idsInventory equipment that affect the open capacity of this event.
quantityhashContains the aggregate statuses of all orders associated with this event.
ordersarray of idsOrders that are scheduled to be part of this event.
rosterSentbooleanWhether the final roster has been emailed to the seller and guides.
actualStartdatetimeStart date/time of this event.
updateddatetimeLast updated timestamp.
  "id": "4a67a336f590739ba57f06cf",
  "start": "2018-01-24T10:00:00+00:00",
  "end": "2018-01-24T10:59:59+00:00",
  "open": 12,
  "experience": {
    "id": "42fc62eb3e269e5718000017",
  "seller": {
    "id": "42fc61323e269e5b08000007",
  "equipment": [
      "id": "430cff1d986ae5f85600003b",
  "quantity": {
    "canceled": 0,
    "confirmed": 4,
    "declined": 0,
    "deposited": 0,
    "failed": 0,
    "offered": 0,
    "pending": 0,
    "reserved": 4,
    "returned": 0,
  "orders": [
      "id": "4a67a336e01798cd518b461f",
      "type": "order",
      "id": "4a67a7d7332e75863a8b458a",
      "type": "order",
  "rosterSent": true,
  "actualStart": "2018-01-24T15:00:00+00:00",
  "title": "Historic Residential Tour",
  "updated": "2018-01-24T03:00:07+00:00"