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This API end point allows you to build activity schedules that define when your trip departs. Combining schedules also allows for dynamic pricing that adjusts based on time or day. You can create as many schedules as you would like.


For each schedule you can configure how it behaves. The following attributes are available:

Schedule type:

  • available: Creates a schedule with times that this listing is available to be booked by customers.
  • unavailable: Creates a schedule with times that this listing will not be available.

Schedule repeats:

  • weekly: Repeat the schedule every week
  • custom: Specify specific days on which the schedule will apply

Schedule timeslots:

These are specific departure times that are able to be booked for this listing. You may create upto 100 timeslots. Specify the timeslots as an integer value (e.g. 800 for 8AM and 2200 for 10PM).

If your listing does not have set departure times, send varies for the departure attribute.

Schedule days:

These are specific departure weekdays (Sunday, Monday etc) that are able to be booked for the listing. The days are specified by an integer value representing the day of the week. 0 represents a Sunday, 1 a Monday and 6 for a Saturday.

Schedule start & end:

This is the time-span that the will apply to the schedule. If the schedule never changes, then you don't need to specify a value for this attribute.

Schedule price (price delta):

This will allow you to specify a price delta for this schedule. You can increase or decrease a price for a given schedule. For example: If you charge more for trips on the weekend, make a weekly schedule with Saturday and Sunday and specify a higher price


Whenever a schedule is successfully created or updated, the API will return an HTTP response code of 202. This is because the API updates the experience's schedules and does some additional post processing to update the dashboard. Depending on the number of trips the dashboard may take upto a minute to reflect the changes.