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[W] Introduction

Resources, also known as inventory are fixed resources (for example vehicles or equipment) that can be utilized across multiple experiences. When associated with experiences, Xola will automatically limit schedule availability for those experiences based on resource utilization. Note: You must have the inventory feature turned on for this API endpoint to work.

There are two concepts key in inventory items:

  • Capacity: The number of seats/spots in each piece of equipment. For example, if you have a 20-seater bus, this would refer to how many seats you have on the bus.
  • Count: The count refers to how many units of equipment you have. In our bus example, the capacity is 20 seats but if we only have 1 bus the count is 1.
  "id": "50be7451986ae56247000036",
  "capacity": 20,
  "count": 1,
  "name": "Bus",
  "seller": "4f104661536e86b23d000000",
  "type": "equipment"
capacityintegerNumber of seats available per unit of the resource.
countintegerNumber of units available of the resource (capacity multiplier).
namestringName of the resource.
sellerstringSeller who owns the resource.
typestringAlways equipment.