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Orders represent bookings that are made on a seller's account. The API end points available for orders allow you to create, update, and cancel bookings.

Order Source

The source of an order determines how Xola will treat the order.

  • office: Use this when creating an order with authorized credentials. Xola will treat the order as though it came from the backoffice. When authenticated, immediate payment is optional and several experience restrictions may be bypassed.
  • checkout: Use this when creating an order anonymously. Xola will treat the order as though it came from the consumer checkout. When anonymous, payment is mandated unless the experience configuration explicitly allows for non-payment.

Order Items

Each order may contain one or more "items". An item represents a reservation (date, time, quantity) for an experience.

Order Item Status

Every order item has an integer status attribute which describes the state of the reservation. The general principle with statuses are:

  • Status < 200 indicates a reserved but unconfirmed booking
  • Status >= 200 & < 300 indicates a reserved and confirmed booking
  • Status >= 300 indicates an unreserved booking
100A pending booking. The traveler's card has not been charged yet, and the booking will not be counted as a part of trip till it is accepted.
101A booking in a pending state due to a minimum configured on the listing. Once the trip meets the minimum, the status of this order will automatically change to 200.
103An order in a hold status.
200A confirmed/accepted booking
201A confirmed booking for which only a deposit has been collected (deprecated)
202An confirmed booking which has not been charged
203An accepted booking, but with the "Pay Later" payment method
700Booking has been canceled.