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Update post booking action

Choose where the reservationist should be redirected after creating a booking

After a booking is placed through the back office, by default Xola will always redirect you to the questionnaire (if configured). You can change this preference by choosing one of the follwing:

  • goToDashboard - Goto the dashboard
  • completeQuestionnaire - The default, go to the questionnaire.
  • printTicket - Bring up the print ticket modal (if you have ticketing turned on).
  • manageBooking - Goto the order in the purchases tab.
  • promptMeEverytime - Show a modal that will allow the user to select any one of the above actions


Not just for the seller

This setting can be configured for every reservationist that has been granted access to the seller account. This will allow every user can have their own booking flow based on their job role.

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