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Credit Cards

Each user in Xola may have one or more credit cards on file. Xola does not store these cards in our database, rather, they are tokenized references to credit cards saved on the payment processor's system.

Credit cards cannot be accessed directly, but they will be present when fetching the User object with the private=true flag. They can be found under a property called creditCards.


Some payment processors do not support storing credit cards. If this is the case, then you will not see any Remote Cards present.

Xola's default payment processing system does support card storage, so if you use us for payment processing, this feature is supported.

Credit cards present for users of type Traveler are typically most useful since they contain the postal/zip code of the credit card billing address. These cards are automatically created when payment is made for an order.


Personally Identifiable Information

The data contained in the Credit Card objects is considered personally identifiable information and may have regulations around its responsible usage (e.g. GDPR, Privacy Act). Xola only acts a system of record for your business. It is your responsibility to ensure that any additional use of this data is done in accordance with all applicable laws in your country and state.

    "brand": "Visa",
    "last4": "4242",
    "expMonth": 9,
    "expYear": 2026,
    "funding": "credit",
    "postcode": "12345",
    "name": "Cordelia Morales",
    "id": "5b3d8b2e07876ce07f8b45b6"