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Review Preferences

In Xola, Review Preferences allow you to send follow-up emails automatically to any customer associated with the booking that has a valid email address, including the option to request reviews from non-organizer contacts that are collected via digital waivers and split payment.

This email is sent 24 hours after their experience and prompts them to provide feedback on your services. You can configure the Xola system to send your customers links to either the Xola review system (private feedback), or to your Trip Advisor, Yelp or Google+ page (public reviews). You also have the option to create a completely customized review email.

When configuring Review Preferences the destination will need to be one of the following:

  • Xola (xola) - Xola will send emails to travelers using our own email template and collect feedback that is stored privately
  • Google+ (google) - Send an email to the traveler with a link to a Google+ page
  • TripAdvisor (tripadvisor) - Send an email to the traveler with a link to a TripAdvisor page
  • Yelp (yelp) - Send an email to the traveler with a link to a Yelp.com page
  • Custom (custom) - Send an email with a custom email template that you write

Links for Google+, TripAdvisor & Yelp are taken from the social links in the seller's profile.