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An event note is a free-form string along with information about the user who created it. Several notes may be created for an event.

  "created": "2017-01-11T02:49:06+00:00",
  "createdBy": {
    "id": "584f61efcb2256a6132c6e04"
  "id": "587b35295ff2c5a191f82e02",
  "text": "This is a test note",
  "updated": "2017-01-11T02:49:06+00:00",
  "updatedBy": {
    "id": "584f61efcb2256a6132c6e04"
createdtimestampTime when the note was created.
createdBy.idstringUser who created the note.
textstringA free-form string.
updatedtimestampTime when the note was updated.
updatedBy.idstringUser who updated the note.