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In Xola, availability represents the number of open seats that are available on a given experience at a specific date & time. If the availability is 0, it means the particular date & time cannot be booked.

Response Format

API end points usually return availability between a given date range (max range is 62 days).

Experiences may be configured to be "all-day" or have specific "time slots". Based on the type of schedule, the response structure will be different.

For timeslot based schedules, the response will be a nested object structure with date, time, and availability properties:

  "2013-08-05": {
    945: 0,
    1200: 3,
  "2013-09-08": {
    945: 11,
    1200: 0

For all-day schedules, the response will contain date and availability properties (no time property):

  "2013-08-05": 3,
  "2013-09-08": 11

Any date or times not present in the response are considered closed, and may not be used for a booking.