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Quick Start

This is a quick guide to get you up and running to make API calls. The Xola API is organized around REST principles. So a HTTP POST will create a resource, a PUT will update it, a GET will retrieve it and a DELETE will delete it. Most API end points need you to be authenticated to perform the operation. All API payloads are in JSON, and responses are in JSON only.

Create your account below. If you already have an account, skip down to "Get your API Key".


Sandbox accounts do not carry over to Production

Most of our documentation provides examples for our Sandbox environment (sandbox.xola.com). Any credentials or resources you create in Sandbox will not carry over to Production (xola.com). You'll need to create a separate set of credentials for the Production environment.

Create a new account

New accounts are created via a POST request to the users API end point. The email address should be a valid address that will receive a confirmation email.

curl -H "Content-type: application/json" -X POST https://sandbox.xola.com/api/users -d '{
	"name" : "John Doe",
	"email" : "[email protected]",
	"password" : "password123", 
	"roles" : ["ROLE_DEVELOPER"]


Verify your account

Once the account is created, a verification email is sent to you. It is necessary to click on the verification link to activate your account.

If you plan to make API calls on behalf of a seller, then the roles attribute is optional. However, the seller will have to grant you access to their API through the "Grant Access" section in the Xola seller interface.

Get your account information

Grab your user account ID and check up on your roles. Make note of your user id, as that will be used to get your API Key

curl -H "Content-type: application/json" https://sandbox.xola.com/api/users/me -u "[email protected]:password123"

Get your API Key

curl https://sandbox.xola.com/api/users/<my_user_id>/apiKey -u "[email protected]:password123"

All future requests don't need username password. You can use the API Key, for example - getting your user info

curl -H 'X-API-KEY: MYAPIKEY' https://sandbox.xola.com/api/users/me

Fetch Experiences

Fetching all experiences available to you requires being authenticated

curl -H 'X-API-KEY: MYAPIKEY' https://sandbox.xola.com/api/experiences

No auth is required for fetching information about a specific experience

curl https://sandbox.xola.com/api/experiences/4f358f70536e86b149000000

Refer to the detailed documentation in the Orders section below to know more.